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On behalf of the Turkish Society of Nephrology, I would like to invite you attend the “KidneyIST: Kidney Science in Istanbul” meeting, to be held from 5th to 6th March 2020in Istanbul.


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  /  Dr. Christoph Wanner

Dr. Christoph Wanner

1982: Fellowships at the Universities of Singapore and Internal Medicine in Zürich, Switzerland
1983-1990-1993: Residency and Consultant in Internal Medicine/ Nephrology at the Univ of Freiburg 1991/1993: German Board of Internal Medicine/Nephrology Examination 1992: National Institutes of Health, NHLBI, Molecular Disease Branch, Bethesda, USA / In 1994 I as was appointed Professor of Medicine and head of the Division of Nephrology, University of Würzburg. In 2003 the Faculty established a Clinical Trial Service Unit at the hospital and I served as director for 6 years./ My clinical and research live is devoted to progression of cardiovascular and kidney disease. Two
major landmark trials were accomplished. The 4D study has stimulated research in the field and has changed the view of how cardiovascular disease is developing and treated in dialysis patients.
Treatment of progression of diabetic and non-diabetic kidney disease with empagliflozin or other
SGLT2 inhibitors may complement one day the treatment with RAS inhibitors. Their definitive proof has to withstand the test of time. / 1985 Award for Clinical Investigation, American Medical Association 2007 International
Distinguished Medal of the US National Kidney Foudation 2011 Honorary Member, Polish Society of
Nephrology 2012 Doctor honoris causa, Charles University Prague 2016 ERA-EDTA Outstanding
Clinical Contributions to Nephrology. / From the year 2000 onwards, I trained young researchers in courses on “How to write, read and
review a paper”, served as a lecturer in junior scientific masterclasses and Introduction to Medical
Research as well as in many ERA-EDTA Introductory Courses on Epidemiology. I participated in
EBPG and ERBP guideline formation and member of the Board. From 2009 I served as chairman of the ERA-EDTA/ESPN Registry and in 2010 as President of the XLVII ERA-EDTA Congress. I
completed 17 years of service as Subject Editor of NDT.


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