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On behalf of the Turkish Society of Nephrology, I would like to invite you attend the “KidneyIST: Kidney Science in Istanbul” meeting, to be held from 5th to 6th March 2020in Istanbul.


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  /  Abstract

Organizing Committee of the Congress asks all the attending doctors and nurses to send abstracts to the congress. All the abstracts will be accepted through congress website online (www.kidneyist.org).
• Abstracts that do not comply with the appropriate format will not be taken into consideration (You may find detailed information below)
• You may send your abstracts through congress website www.kidneyist.org online.
• Abstracts sent via e-mail, fax or other means will not be accepted
• You may register your abstracts by using online abstract submission system. You must enter a username consisted of your e-mail address and a password.
• The preferred way of presentation must be stated as poster.
• Abstracts must be submitted only in English
• The title of the abstract must be in capital letters. Dots must be avoided at the end of the title.
• The researchers’ names must be written without the academic title. the associations they work for must be identified and the name of the presenting researchers underlined.
• Abstract must be single spaced and centered.
• Abstract of the statement must be written under the following sub-headings: Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion.
• No vague expressions are allowed as: “Results will be presented at the meeting”.
• Number of characters in the text of the abstract must not be over 3,000 except the title, name of the researchers and institutions.
• Number of charts or figures in the abstract of the statement must not be more than 2.
• After controlling for all of the papers in the system log “Termination” procedure must be done. Otherwise, the system notification sent will appear as incomplete.
• We kindly ask you not to forget the reference number and your login password. Reference number will be assigned after ending your statement.
• Deadline for submitting statement abstracts in 31 January 2020. Abstracts submitted after this date will not be accepted.
Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by Evaluation Committee out of 100 points. Name of the researchers and institutions will be confidential. According to the results of this evaluation, abstracts will be accepted in the form only poster presentation.
• Statement results, statement presentation dates and numbers will announced on 5 February 2020 through congress website. Statement owners will be informed by e-mail.
• All the correspondence about the registered abstracts will be made with person that has registered the statement.
• Reseachers that will make a presentation in the congress must be registered for the congress.
• Accepted abstracts can not be withdrawn.
• All the accepted abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts and will be handled to all participants free of charge.
• Accepted abstracts must be submitted on time. If the deadline is exceeded, a feedback will be sent to the institutions of the statement owners
• Poster presentations must be 70 cm wide and 90 cm long and must be read from a distance of at least 1 meter.
• Poster owners can hang their posters on the day of presentation between 08:00-09:00 and must collect between 18:00-19:00 on the same day.
• If posters are not collected at the end of the presentation day, organizing secretariat will accept no responsibility in any way.